Burt Intelligence is purpose-built for every key advertising workflow and decision.

NEW! Burt Advisor

Burt Advisor inspects billions of data points every day, automatically asking the right questions to detect revenue-impacting issues and opportunities across your organization.

These events are then scored with regards to revenue, severity and relevancy so each team member can receive personalized recommendations for where to focus first.

You can see an example of the insights that Burt Advisor provides in a daily email - the most important opportunity, the revenue upside, and the context.

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Discrepancy & Financial Reporting

One centralized platform to analyze performance across all campaigns and discover critical insights before they lead to billing discrepancies, client dissatisfaction and future “make-goods.”

Easily identify campaigns that aren't meeting their delivery goals – and fix them in real-time before it becomes a problem – all in one place.

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Automated Client-Facing Reporting

Consolidate advertiser data across multiple delivery platforms and replace manual processes with pixel-perfect, fully automated reports sent directly to your entire customer base - not just your prioritized top spenders.

Reduce customer churn by never losing track of account ownership and always having a reason to reach out to clients during and after campaigns with professional reporting.

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Advanced Programmatic Analytics

The market-leading single source of truth which normalizes granular programmatic data across all your ad tech partners to simplify everything from one-click executive financial reporting to deep-dives into billions of data rows.

Proactively stay ahead of the programmatic market to identify issues and opportunities leading to higher yield optimization and accelerated revenue growth.

The most accurate forecasting

Inventory Forecasting & Optimization

Cover every aspect for inventory management, from optimal ad campaign launch scenarios to yield optimization.

Avoid overbooking when signing a new deal, monitor ad network performance, tackle upcoming risks and check for sales progress.

Trusted by leading brands in the new media landscape.

“Burt is an essential part of our workflow. My team was spending several hours per week performing manual tasks, and now they spend that time providing clients with more strategic advice.”

Learn how Burt saves AutoTrader.ca more than 2,000 Hours with accurate, automated revenue intelligence. 

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